Re-using egg cartons

By rolando May 21, 2012

We go through lots of eggs at Clover. We used to save the egg cartons to repack eggs from loose-pack cases, for the trucks. We would go through far more cartons than we could re-use, so we started have these growing mountains of egg cartons over at Harvard Square and at the HUB in Inman Square.

Several months back, I thought, why not try to send some of the clean egg cartons back to the egg farms that we source from. That day, I happened to run into the Market Mobile drivers from Farm Fresh Rhode Island. I asked Russell and Kristen if they thought that they might be able to relay the cartons back to the Baffoni poultry farm. They were super excited to help in the process to have the cartons be re-used. So they took it upon themselves to coordinate it. They’re awesome. That’s Russell with the first load, heading back to Rhode Island.

No more mountains of egg cartons at Clover and hopefully reduced packaging costs for the poultry farm.

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