No really, that’s Enzo

By ayr May 31, 2012

When I first handed a wrench to Enzo (MIT) you would have thought it was a slug, or something gross. He didn’t even want to hold it in his hand. Vincenzo was a chef at the Four Seasons before Clover, and fixing things, using tools, all of that, just wasn’t how he thought of himself. He came to us with spectacular culinary skills, an oversized and completely lovable personality, and a great instinct for leading others. But grease on the hands? Wasn’t a part of the picture.

That attitude “tools are for other people” collided with our DIY ethos. And Enzo and I have spent tons and tons of time together over the past couple of years learning how to use tools so that we can make you better food. We got over serious freak-out incidents, made some mistakes, discussed the difference between philips screwdriver and a flat head, and have worked together to keep Clover running.

A lot of you have been graduating or attending graduations lately. I have my own proud graduation. I found Enzo on the truck the other day doing a pretty complicated repair on the water tank. A repair that involved finding a “stainless steel self-tapping sheet metal screw with a hex head and fender.” It’s pretty amazing to think how much we’re all growing.

By the way, Enzo and I need some help. If you know anybody who would be a great full-time handy-man/ fixer person for Clover let us know. We’re looking for somebody who knows what they’re doing. Job would include some painting, fixing tables, stools, counters, installing equipments, etc. The stuff I do now.

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