Let me explain

By Vincenzo June 4, 2012


That’s the view you might have seen last Friday. Yep, no Clover truck. So let me explain. Last Monday the MIT truck generator died at 7am, right as we were gearing up for a busy day. I was left with a few options so I chose to use the DEV truck in MIT’s place. I rushed the DEV truck to MIT, took ten minutes to transfer everything to MIT, and breakfast was up at 8am. I drove MIT to the HUB, did some troubleshooting, an oil change, etc., but the generator wouldn’t budge. I took MIT out to Dedham where our technicians work, they said it had reached 5,900 hours of use and needed a new engine.

I took a gamble in using DEV in Cambridge, thinking it would be a quick fix, but I was wrong. In order to operate a back-up truck, the new truck needs to be inspected and approved by Cambridge Health and Fire Department, and DEV wasn’t. So we got shut down. The whole thing made me feel like a failure. I called the license commission office, they said I would have to get a health inspection on Monday morning at 8:15am. I had the weekend to prepare. We passed, DEV is now approved for a full year in Cambridge. Which means hopefully you’ll never have to see the empty parking spot at lunchtime.


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