By ayr June 5, 2012

This is as goofy little story. I hesitated about whether to include it here, not sure if it’ll be interesting to you all. But Domingo and I were laughing pretty hard. It’s a good representation of how you can whittle away at a 15 hour day and not feel as though you’ve accomplished much : )

I walked into HSQ the other day a Sunday, or maybe it was Memorial day. I ordered OJ, a favorite of mine. Domingo told me, “sorry, juicer’s broken.” I really wanted my OJ so I went to check it out.

Big note with big writing: DO NOT USE, MUST BE FIXED. Seriously electrocuted employee!

I got my tools, took it apart. Wiring looked perfect. I put it together, plugged it in, no shock. All of a sudden I knew what had happened. Probably not that funny if you’ve never used one of these monsters. If your fingers slip while you’re juicing the orange it feels like a shock. Sort of like those buzz-ing joke things you used to use to “shock” a friend when you shake their hand. You don’t get hurt of cut or anything, and there is no electricity involved, just startling. Anyway, more than anything it’s an example of us not training a new employee well enough (I think he thought he was electrocuted, when really he should have been shown how to use this thing). Domingo and I laughed pretty hard about the whole thing. I wasted 40 minutes taking apart and putting together a perfectly fine juicer. But hey, I took a moment to clean it. Looks sharp, doesn’t it.

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