What does a CSA share look like (late spring edition)

By ayr June 6, 2012

CSAs are starting. I grabbed a share from Food Project (Lincoln) yesterday on their first drop off. These are the contents:

– White turnips

– Garlic scapes

– A plant (not sure what it is)

– Young arugula (called Rocket if you’re from England, one of my favorite vegetable names)

– A bunch of cilantro

These shares reflect what is coming off the farm. So at this time of year it’s going to be smaller. And as the summer moves along the share sizes will grow. By participating you’re not only supporting the farmers but sharing with them in the bounty and risk of the season.

Quick word on the CSA program in case you missed the details: we’re piloting a “retail” CSA pick-up program at the HUB this year. We have 5 farms, each dropping off a different day of the week. We’ve taken over 100 CSA sign-ups, customers that will come in once a week to pick up their share. The goal of the program this year is to prove viability. If it works we’ll be looking to expand the program with the goal of creating city-dweller / farmer connections that would not otherwise happen. We think these connections will improve the lives of the city dwellers and help support the farmers economically. Thanks to all who are participating! For those of you who are curious ask about the program next time you’re here. We’re already planning for next year.

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