Clover fans in strange places

By sara June 8, 2012


Last week I was closing my truck up after a long day. I saw Eddie at the HUB rushing to the restroom holding his hand and dripping from head to toe. The reason? A slip and fall in some spilled water turned into a deep cut on one of his fingers.

So we headed to the hospital for some stitches. It had been an exhausting day, and I was ready to go home at that point. But then the man at the ER front desk started chatting with me about Clover. A couple of years ago he used to eat at the MIT truck, but had no idea that we had a location in Inman Sq.

This man was so excited about our food, the way we communicate with customers, all of the reasons why I love this job. He made me feel really cool that day just for being a part of it. Sometimes I have the best job in the world.


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