Hey! That guy doesn’t work for Clover!

By Lucia June 11, 2012

That’s Will in the the khaki pants (I know, not the usual Clover uniform). Will got to the front of the line, looked behind him and saw an even bigger line forming, and asked if we wanted him to help take orders. This is actually the 2nd time he’s helped. Last time we were short-staffed, we put up a sign promising a sandwich to any customer who would take orders with us.

He did such a great job. Kind of makes me think we should have customers take orders all the time. Maybe there’s a rotating customer spot, and you take orders for 30 minutes in exchange for a sandwich? What do you think?

We’re also seriously looking for a few people to work the lunch rush at the truck. Any MIT customers want to come work for us for real? The shift would be 12-2pm, weekdays.

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