Year of Beer glasses

By Lucia June 13, 2012

If you came to the Year of Beer event two weeks ago, you got one of these beer glasses. We had them made up by some big national website, Discount Mugs or something. We had wanted to use a local company but they were going to charge some crazy amount per glass.

You’ll notice something different about these glasses. We chose to put the brewer’s name instead of the brewery’s logo. It fit better with one of Clover’s goals to connect customers to the folks making their food (and beer counts as food, right?)

If you have one of these glasses at home, you’re entitled to a special benefit. Bring the glass to any Clover beer launch in the next 1 year, and we’ll buy you your first beer. You have already paid for a beer when you bought your ticket to our event. Bring your glass to the next launch in 1 week to redeem. Dann and Martha are coming to launch beer at the HUB in Inman Square. They’re bringing a really limited run of Magnifico, a golden summer beer.

8pm, 6/20
Clover HUB (1075 Cambridge St, Inman Square)

NOTE: Had to change the wording above to clarify after getting a call from the License Commission concerned we were giving away beer (a big no-no in Massachusetts). Sorry about any confusion.

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