3pm special: Asparagus with lemon

By rolando June 14, 2012

We are at the tail end of asparagus season, but we wanted to start using asparagus at Clover.  We are always a little cautious with expensive ingredients, because we don’t want to be serving food that is less than awesome (perishability, handling, etc.) and at the same time achieving a poor profit margin. Asparagus is a little pricey, so we’ve been a bit reluctant.

About a month ago, we decided to treat it like our corn on the cob (that we do in mid to late Summer). Asparagus would be a seasonal snapshot of late Spring. We cook it and present it very simply.  It’s boiled, to order, for a few minutes, then tossed in lemon zest, juice and herbs.  Seasonal, simple, delicious.  It’ll be our 3pm special for the next week or so. Stop by at a Clover location near you and try it for yourself.

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