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By ayr June 14, 2012

Some of you may have seen me at a truck or restaurant over the past few weeks camera and mic in hand. We’re building a suite of training materials which includes a Clover comic book (no kidding), material on this blog you’re reading right now (check that categories drop down and check out the “training” sections), 1-on-1 sessions with managers, written materials, laminated reference cards, fun iPod quizzes from our friends at (a local start-up), and wait, it’s coming: video.

The coolest thing about the video part of this training is that it’s stuff we can share with you all directly. And while I’m not sure how many of our customers really want to know how to make a perfect BLT, but you might love Julie’s “do-di-do-di-do”s soundtrack. It makes me want to make the sandwich she’s making. Later this year we’re going to role through the kitchen. And you’ll have a chance to learn how to make a soup you love, or maybe learn some techniques, or whatever. It’s going to be a level of transparency I’ve dreamed about since we started. And it’s here. Really exciting for us.

I’m including here a link to our first set of videos, hosted by Youtube. Bunch more will role out over coming months.

Clover Training Videos June 2012

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