Local strawberries

By rolando June 19, 2012

I am so pumped for strawberries this year. ¬†They’ve been in for a couple of weeks now, but they are getting sweeter and sweeter everyday. We’re getting them from Four Town Farm, down in Seekonk, MA.

Right now we’re blending them into lemonades and agua frescas. Agua fresca’s are fruit drinks from Latin America. Blended fruit, water and sugar (sometimes a splash of lemon juice). The key is that it’s strained well to remove fiber from the puree. Straining helps to achieve a liquid that has a watery viscosity (as opposed to a thicker, smoothie type viscosity). We make them in small batches, purposefully, so that we run out. This way, whenever you get one, it’s always been just made and tastes amazing.

Pretty soon we are going to start featuring strawberries as a fresh fruit compote on the Granola w/ yogurt on the breakfast menu, and the fruit will change through the summer.

Won’t be long before strawberries are done, but raspberries are starting to pop on my bush at home and blueberries and blackberries, should be coming any day now. So glad that it’s early Summer.

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