Pretty Things Magnifico beer launch was nuts

By ayr June 21, 2012

Wow. We launched the new Pretty Things beer Magnifico at the HUB. It’s our first beer at the HUB. We got our license back in May but we’ve been waiting patiently.

I expected we’d have a bunch of people, but nothing like what happened. It was just a crazy storm of people. I remembered this video of the first iPhone launch where somebody just walked the line with a video camera. I thought it was really fun, so I suppose that was the inspiration for this. It feels a little more self-promotional than we’re used to. But there’s also some raw fun and excitement in it. At least for me watching.

This video was taken at 8:25, we launched at 8pm. The line to order kept growing from that point, stretching all the way from the garage entrance on Elm around through the front door, down the entire length of the counter, to the back of the restaurant where we’d opened up the whole space. Everybody was super happy and having a good time and eating and tasting Magnifico.

I’d made 300 cupcakes to give away to customers in honor of Vincenzo’s birthday. It wasn’t enough, not even close. And I think almost nobody got seconds because the line was 45 minutes long.

So to everybody who was there, thanks for coming out and supporting what Dann and Martha do. We love their beer and think it’s great. And come on back for your second round. We’ll be serving Magnifico through the end of July or until it runs out (which may be sooner).

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