Clover house band

By Lucia June 22, 2012

That’s Isaac and James. They tear it up at the MIT and PRK trucks every day at lunch. They’re also really talented musicians.

If you’re lucky you’ve caught the band playing at events (Clover holiday party, beer launches, etc). They did such a good job that Ayr had the idea of hiring them to be the Clover house band. In Austin where I’m from, it’s almost taken for granted that a restaurant will have a band playing. I think it’s something about the nice weather,  the music sort of extends out onto the streets. In New England not so much.

If it works out, maybe it’s something we do evenings at a bunch of locations, maybe even trucks. What do you think about live music with your chickpea fritter? Come to the Harvard Square restaurant (7 Holyoke) tonight 6pm-9pm to find out.

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