Price woes

By Lucia July 1, 2012

Lucia here. When I heard we might increase our prices, I got really sad.

I’ve worked here almost 3 years now, and we haven’t raised the prices ever. And this might sound crazy, but I felt like there was something kind of magical about the $5.00. OK, one it’s easier for me taking orders, it’s easy for customers to get out of their wallet and for us to take…and a ton of MIT customers just show up to the truck with nothing but $5 in their hands.

But there’s something else. Every time I took an order, I felt like we were getting away with something kind of insane: giving customers something so good, something we’ve put so much effort into, for such a low price. And when I heard we might go up to $6, I started having visions of MIT regulars turning around and never coming back to the truck.

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