Hey MIT, what movies do you want to watch this summer?

By Lucia July 16, 2012

We’re having a movie night at the Dewey truck August 1, at 7pm. We’re pre-selling picnic dinners you can eat while watching. If this sounds fun to you, I think there are 10 left. Get one here.

And yeah, the movie is Back to the Future. Megan sent me this funny picture. Turns out it was actually a hoax by some film magazine, it started a big sensation. The day Marty goes back to the future is actually in 2025 or something.

We’re going to do a whole series of movies at the MIT truck this August. Ayr thinks we should use eighties/nineties sci-fi as inspiration. Ideas include Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, Never-Ending Story, Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal. So start commenting, we want to know what we should show.

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