Drinking vinegar soda

By Lucia July 17, 2012

Yes, that’s the word vinegar and the word soda in the same sentence. Did you taste these yesterday at dinner at the MIT truck? What did you think? I was sort of shocked at how many folks loved them. Rolando and Ayr tried these at Pok Pok, a Thai restaurant in Portland. They’ve now opened up a place in New York, and you can buy these drinking vinegars.

So what does this have to do with Clover? We are thinking of making our own switchel one day. Switchel is a drink made with ginger, honey, and a little vinegar. Early colonial Americans used to drink it out in the fields. Apparently there’s even mention of it in the Little House on the Prairie books.

If you’re intrigued we’re continuing the tastings tomorrow (Wednesday) with 2 new flavors. We’ll be asking for your feedback. We’ll have a 3pm snack too. No dinner tonight, we’re closing down the truck at 3pm to give employees a break after working through this heat wave.

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