By Lucia July 18, 2012

This is Sarah. She’s actually our second Sarah, and she gives Sara #1 a run for her money in terms of friendliness. If you’ve eaten at LMA in the past few months, you’ve seen her bright smile. This is at 9pm after one of the hottest days on the trucks. Look, she’s still smiling!

Sarah has taken on the post of closing team leader at LMA. She works 5 days a week at Clover, and 2 days at Cane’s, a fried chicken place. I think she really loves both jobs.

She’s learned a ton about different fruits and vegetables as the season has gone on at Clover. I was training her a few months back. I can’t remember her exact words but she said something along the lines of “I used to eat a solely fried chicken diet, now I eat a fried chicken/vegetable diet.” Hilarious! If you eat at the LMA truck, say hi to Sarah next time you’re by.

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