Cheat away

By ayr July 23, 2012

That’s an iPad perched atop a stack of cookbooks and a speaker.

We’re working steadily to develop robust training materials. A few weeks ago you saw the training videos. Today I’m posting our Trainers Guide. Think of this as the Teacher’s Edition of those text books at school, you know, the one with all the answers. But in this case I don’t mind if folks cheat. It can only result in 2 things: a) suggestions on how to make this better (don’t hold back) or b) some trainees who seem to already know everything. I’ll take either.

Expect this, like everything we do, to include some serious mistakes/ short comings. But, also like the stuff we do, it’s going to under go improvement and change with your help!

Clover Teacher’s Guide 7-23-12pub


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