Farewell BU West

By Lucia July 27, 2012

This note is a few days late. Sorry all. If we had done a better job of this, we could have had a little goodbye party for all the regulars we’ve gotten to know over the past year at BU West. So it’s true, we’ve given up our spot at BU West.

We’ve been considering this for a while. Some of you know we were not doing a 5-day operation at BU West. We were parking 2 days/week at BU East and 2 days/week at BU West. It was really hard to build a business that way. And it meant we weren’t meeting our targets for BU West.

But all is not lost, BU. We’re going to hold on to our BU East spots, Mondays and Tuesdays in front of Morse Auditorium. And you can still follow @cloverBUB for open/close times, etc. Sorry everybody from BU West. We know this is going to come as a sad announcement for some of you.

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