Mystic Beer Launch: Thursday, 8/9, Clover HUB, 1075 Cambridge St

By Lucia August 4, 2012

We’re launching a brand new beer at the HUB on Thursday. We’re pouring Reynaud, a brand new saison from Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, Mass. The brewer, Bryan, used to be a scientist for the commercial yeast industry, figuring how to use yeast to make things taste and smell like other things. Now he hunts wild yeast and turns it into beer.

This picture was from the Pretty Things Launch in July. Were you in this line? We’re going to work to make sure this launch is less crazy (but still as fun). Rolando’s going to make soft pretzels, we’ll have the house band playing. And Bryan may be our most talkative brewer. He loves talking about beer, and science, and how they made beer before the industrial revolution. Come by for a glass and a chat.

If you attended our Year of Beer event, you’ve already purchased your first beer on Thursday. Just bring your Clover beer glass.

8pm, 8/9, Clover HUB (1075 Cambridge St)
Free, open to all.

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