Matt’s coffee: Lunji Estate, peaberry, Tanzania

By rolando August 14, 2012

We’re all so excited about this next coffee from Matt’s up in Maine. One of Matt’s favorite coffees, it’s from Tanzania and he’s really showing us his craftsmanship with the excellent quality of the roast he put on these beans. It’s a well-balanced and round coffee. It has earthy flavor notes that are smooth, chocolatey with some spice. It’s easy to drink, with a pleasant acidity, sweetness and some berry characteristics. We all loved it when we sampled it a few weeks back.

These beans are peaberries from a variety of Bourbon, grown at 1500 meters, at the base of Mount Mbeya. Peaberries are genetic mutations, in which only one bean (instead of two) develops within the coffee cherry. They’re pretty rare and produce a unique flavor when isolated from the rest of the beans.

The photo is of Steve at Harvard Square location, pouring me a cup of Matt’s Tanzania. If you stop by, take a peek at the peaberries and if you get a cup, be sure to let us know how you like it.

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