Clover comic book (yes that’s Mr. Pita in the corner)

By Antoria August 15, 2012

Antoria (HSQ) here. You might have heard we’re doing a lot of training right now. Part of the new training program for team members is a comic book about Clover’s history, values, and purpose. New hires will be issued the comic book on their first day at Clover.

I found out early on that Ayr and I share a love for comics. I was eager to make a comic for Clover. A superhero comic where we save the world by becoming conscious of what we eat. It’s what made me fall in love with Clover in the first place, so I figured it would be a walk in the park. It turned out to be a longer walk than expected. I’ve forgotten how rusty I have become over many years of not using a skill I once lived to express. So I have been working on the story and the layout off and on for the past 6 months.

Here’s a sketch of what I’m thinking for the cover. Soon I’ll get this inked and colored, and we’ll be on our way to a completed comic book.

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