Does your Clover whiteboard look like this?

By Lucia August 15, 2012

We’re working through a bunch of training. We want to make sure everyone at Clover has the tools to succeed at every part of their job. This means being confident in making a perfect chickpea fritter and also in writing a perfect whiteboard.

I made these spec sheets by writing up a sample board, using colored marker to point out all the important features, taking a picture, and laminating. Managers will be posting them on the inside of their trucks today. A couple things you’ll notice:

1. Huge date (4 inches tall) set aside with lots of white space. We erase and re-write these boards twice every day. The idea is that they follow the time scale of our food.

2. Huge dollar signs (4 inches tall). We’re proud of our prices and don’t want to hide them.

3. Plenty of room for a short message above the menu, room for long messages on the truck door. We want the design to facilitate messaging that is personal, location-specific, and changeable based on season and time of day.

If you’re an employee, or just curious, I’m including all the specs (lunch board, events board, and A-frames) after the break. This is v1 of this kind of training, so tell us what you think.


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