Movie night is on tomorrow, MIT truck, 7pm

By Lucia August 15, 2012

We were a little worried about the weather. If you have ever been a part of one of these movie nights, you know as a rule they get rained out every time we schedule one.

This picture is of customers at the Dewey Square truck at (a rescheduled) Back to the Future night two weeks ago. I still owe you guys a post about the customer who dressed up as Marty McFly.

Thursday looks like the weather might hold. Although, beware, these are very lo-fi. And the ground might be damp if it storms early in the day. But we are going to try this. Bonus points for anyone who comes as Captain Kirk.

Clover Lo-fi Movie Night
Thursday 8/16, 7pm (dinner served 7pm-8pm, movie starts 8pm-10pm)
MIT truck

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