Tomato sandwich highs and lows

By ayr August 24, 2012

Yesterday I got this message in my inbox:

I had this sandwich today and it was the biggest slice of tomato I have ever seen – perfectly ripe and delicious. Thanks! – Whitney

That felt so good because this sandwich has been a huge issue for us this year. I guess it’s a growing pain and pointing out that we have a ways to go when it comes to roll-outs. But that sandwich on the left is right, that sandwich on the right is wrong, follow that? Unfortunately I think we’ve sent out a bunch of sandwiches that look like the one on the right. If you’ve been a victim of that let us know, would love to make it up to you.

I sent a note to all managers last week with this picture and a clear description of what we’re aiming for with this sandwich. And I think we’re getting it right now, at least for Whitney.

When this sandwich is right it’s one of the best sandwiches we serve all year long. When it’s wrong it’s a thin slice of tomato buried in lettuce. Let us know how your experience has been.

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