By ayr August 27, 2012

We’ve started doing weekly food meetings. It’s a great opportunity to bring together Eddie (kitchen manager), Vincenzo (representing trucks), Chris (restaurants), Rolando (Chef), Rachel (Rolando’s assistant), Lucia (communications), and anybody else who is interested. We’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and it’s led to better recipes and better coordination.

The first time I made Gazpacho on the truck Rolando was coaching me from Providence. He told me to “add more vinegar than you think necessary.” An hour later I had a customer from Spain telling me it was the best Gazpacho she’d had in the USA, and I was feeling pretty proud.

Each week in our food meetings we taste a bunch of new recipes. This picture is of Enzo going for seconds on the Gazpacho, and making one for Chris. You learn more by watching what people eat than asking them about food. So we flew the idea of having it as a daily option at all locations through the month of August. And in some ways I think it’s been the most successful new item we’ve introduced. Has me thinking of other ways we can add more stability for customers in a world of always-in-season every-single-day-is-different Clover.

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