LMA crazy lines

By Lucia August 31, 2012

This was the front part of the line at the LMA truck on Wednesday.

That’s Lina, an awesome new hire and nursing student, on her first day taking orders. Look at her face, she can’t believe how long the line is either. I took this picture from drinks station, where we were 14 drinks in the red. I kept running up and down to do orders and drinks. It was really fun and kind of crazy.

Where did everyone come from all at once? School is starting up next week, and I suspect one of our regulars told everyone in their lab about Clover. But I definitely think we made some of you wait longer than we should. Which brings me to the point of the story:

We’re hiring, LMA. If you’re a student at one of the Colleges of the Fenway, and want to work outside for a few hours in the middle of your day, we’re hiring for the lunch rush. Apply online: www.cloverfoodlab.com/apply.

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