Mystic beer launch

By ayr August 31, 2012

The guy in the orange shirt is Chris. The guy next to him is Bryan, brewer and yeast hunter behind Mystic. This scene was the launch of our latest beer to be featured at the HUB.

Dann and Martha of Pretty Things kicked us off with the launch of Magnifico, our very first beer at the HUB. And we were thrilled to bring Bryan in for our second beer at the HUB: Renaud.

Mystic does all sorts of stuff we love, including isolating and propagating local yeast. Bryan is a real life fermentation chemist and he’s doing stuff that’s not being done anywhere else in the world.

This latest beer is inspired by Saison Dupont, a Belgian beer that Bryan loves. It’ll be up for a few more weeks. Stop by to try a glass.

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