Hi from up above

By ayr September 5, 2012

This post is about that guy right there in the collared shirt. I was moving the electronic A-frames at HSQ, which requires moving the wiring on the ceiling. I probably looked a little shaking with this large ladder, and this kind customer offered to help. That’s Lucia in the red shirt looking very concerned.

It’s a little disorienting up there isn’t it? But even atop this shaky ladder I wanted to take a minute to appreciate what we have here. I mean, it’s just a crazy and beautiful thing that we have customers who offer to hold my ladder. It’s because Antoria has made him feel comfortable, Domingo has won him over with killer breakfast sandwiches, Brett has answered any questions he’s had in a thoughtful way, Lucia has written daily messages that help him understand what we’re up to. And the result of all of these actions is this really amazing community that I feel lucky to work within.

Anyway, thanks for your help, all of you. As you all know we’re a work in process. Our success has everything to do with the things you do to help make us better every day.

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