By Lucia September 7, 2012

The people in this line have no idea that they’re about to be subjected to a distracted Lucia.

I was happily taking orders, when all of a sudden Jane, a customer who had ordered 10 minutes ago, came up to me wondering where her sandwich was. I looked around to a sea of sad faces who had all placed orders with me. Everyone who had placed their order with Sara was long gone. But everyone who had been unlucky enough to order from me was still waiting and missing their food.

Turns out I had been taking orders on the Dinner service instead of the Lunch service. I had switched iPods halfway through lunch and didn’t bother to check if it was on the right screen. I’m positive I made a few of you sad, including Erin, who had been dying to try the new Fennel sandwich, and Reid, who was already in a hurry. If this line is you, please reach out on Monday: I personally owe you a lunch. Just looking at this makes me say yikes! Sorry!

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