By rolando September 10, 2012

We were working on an iteration of the broccoli cheddar sandwich last month and it was missing something herbaceous. I thought of adding shiso because it fits with the Asian style sandwich and is a bit more interesting than cilantro or basil. I mentioned it in the meeting and that’s when I realized that most people have never even heard of shiso.

Shiso is an Asian herb, aka perilla or Japanese basil. It’s in the mint family. To me it tastes like a blend of mint & basil. It is mild though, not overpowering in nature.

Many were intrigued after the mention so we decided to make Shiso lemonade. Shiso is quite expensive and I started trying to find a farmer that could, perhaps grow it for us next year at a better price. I did find some connections through a Japanese market and Hmong farmers out in Lancaster that could help.

While on vacation for a week in Vermont, I visited a student garden at a culinary school and I recognized the bush above and realized that they were growing shiso. I though that was neat. Come and try the Shiso lemonade at all Clover locations tomorrow.

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