Customer experience checklist

By ayr September 12, 2012

We had an idea: each Team Leader gets a bonus worth $2 for every hour they work in any month they score 100% on the customer experience check and sanitation check. This could be huge for Team Leaders. Like enough money to buy a nice bike each month.

But to make it work we had to come up with a “customer experience check” and a “sanitation check.” We’re pretty new to this being a larger company thing, and believe it or not we didn’t have anything like this in place. Lucia and I sat down to put together a checklist for customer experience. We wanted to focus on the stuff that matters the most. And we didn’t want anything to be debatable. So each answer should be black or white, it either happened or it didn’t. No in-betweens.

This was our first draft. Since we’ve gone through a few iterations. And we put together an online form using this tool called Wufoo (terrible name but it works well). And we did inspections for August. Today Lucia is going to announce the results. I hope everybody aced it, but to be honest I’m not sure I would have first time around when I was running MIT.

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