Fennel Sandwich v.2

By rolando September 13, 2012

We’ve been testing out our new seasonal sandwich over at MIT. That’s Chase trying it out and letting us know what he thought. We’ve gotten lots of feedback (check out the comments on the original post here), and now we are on to version 2.

We’ve added a ton of flavor to the fennel bulb by adding fennel seed, star anise and coriander to the cooking liquid. We’re also slicing the fennel a little thinner so that it fits in the sandwich better. We’re blending the spread less, so that it has a bit more texture to it. Lastly, we’re adding a touch of cider vinegar to the beet relish instead of just grapefruit juice, to bump up the acidity and achieve a better flavor balance.

Fennel v.2 is at MIT starting today. Have one, weigh in, and help us get it to v.3.

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