Fennel v2 hits Boston

By Lucia September 19, 2012

Our new seasonal sandwich, the Fennel, is launching at all trucks and restaurants today. I’m excited. This is a sandwich I helped come up with. Plus, I think the roll-out of this sandwich is going to be so much better than previous seasonal sandwiches.

We totally screwed up the roll-out of the Tomato. We were seeing badly made tomato sandwiches as recently as this week. This time things are going to be different. Nobody is going to be making the sandwich who hasn’t eaten it from start to finish. We’re also going to try an idea having photo guides posted at all locations with correct measurements, etc. And managers are going to be asking for your feedback.

Finn, a regular and friend at our South Station truck, said it wasn’t fair we developed the first 2 versions at MIT first. He said we were giving it an unfair Cambridge bias, and he might be right. So Boston, it’s your turn. Come try the Fennel today. Get it to version 3.

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