First-ever customer sandwich?

By Lucia September 24, 2012

We’ve had some pretty ambitious customers who have gone home and done stuff with our food. There’s Sara, who wanted to make seitan at home, so I wrote her the recipe on a paper bag. Or Chris, who loves our hot sauce so much he inspired us to do a class on making it. And there are probably more of you out there who go home and think about ways we could be doing stuff better or differently.

We’re working on a Fennel sandwich in the seasonal slot right now. Susan, a customer, ordered it at the Dewey truck the day it launched. I was working Western station, and the Fennel sandwiches were in the red, meaning I was making people wait way too long. Susan came up to find out where her sandwich was.

When she finally got it I apologized and asked her for some feedback. I was hoping she didn’t go away feeling mad. But not only did she give us feedback, she went home and made her own! She dropped this tiny sandwich off at the truck today for us to try. It was really yummy, some raw fennel for crunch in addition to the cooked fennel, and some roasted beets instead of grated. Thanks, Susan. I wish I had caught you at the truck so I could have gotten a better picture. Sorry Rolando/Ayr, I ate it all before I could find you!

So what about you? Any of you out there playing around with ideas you saw here?

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