Broccoli Cheddar sandwich v.10

By rolando October 3, 2012

Yes, that’s v.10. A while ago, Ayr and Chris brainstormed this sandwich. Ayr, with fermented daikon and Chris, with marinated broccoli stems. Chris called up Tony at Russo’s, and found out that they would give us the broccoli stems free after trimming the large bunches down to small crowns. Most places don’t have a need for broccoli stems. They hack off the majority of the broccoli stem and throw them away. Chris likes to use broccoli stems in his cooking, as do I. So we thought it could be fun as a base for a sandwich.

We ran versions 1-9 over at MIT this past Spring into summer and it went through many changes. Fermented daikon was pretty powerful stuff. Mung beans sprouts were very delicate. Sliced broccoli or shredded? Soy sauce-fermented broccoli stem or ponzu marinated?

As mentioned in this post, we’ve added a surprise to this version.¬†Mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, ponzu marinated broccoli stem, pickled vegetables and a shiso leaf. You’ll be able to taste the Broccoli cheddar sandwich, only at MIT, starting today. Tell us your honest thoughts on this.

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