Rainy Park Street

By Julianne Lutz October 3, 2012


Julie (PRK) here. Some of you were wondering why you couldn’t get your morning coffee on the Commons. Sorry all. We stayed home from Park St today due to the rain. I’m trying out a new policy around inclement weather and the Park St. truck specifically. It involves us making a call when the forecast says it’s going to to be really rainy at lunch time (11am).

This means we were closed today and we’ll be closed tomorrow. Back on Friday.

I’m going to use Twitter @cloverPRK to post up to the minute reports on all this. You can also use Twitter to tell us what you think of this weather plan. It’s our first time as a crew dealing with anything other than pure sunlight. So tell us. Does the weather make you not want to come out of your building? Or are you ready to come eat Clover during a blizzard?

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