Bad eggplant

By rachel October 8, 2012

Did your eggplant look like this? If so, we’re sorry. A customer at the DWY truck told Rolando the other day that she got the oiliest eggplant ever. When he offered her something else, she said she’d already consumed too many calories just from eating all that oil.

We have this goal of improving quality as we grow. And while it’s not what you expect from growth or expansion, and I’m sure a few of you may have trouble believing it, our food quality has improved massively in recent years. Ayr and Rolando tell stories about things we just don’t face anymore.

But we still fall down sometimes. In this case, there were a couple factors that went into creating that oil bomb. We cut and salt eggplant on board every single morning. When it’s salted correctly and fried for the right amount of time (different depending on the size of slice, the temperature of the oil, the amount of eggplant in the fryer), our Eggplant is absolutely delicious. If any of these steps are not done properly, you’re left with a greasy mess.

If you see Rolando on board, he’s probably doing some training on Eggplant. We’re hoping we can nail this across the board in 1-2 weeks. You can help. If you eat one, tell us what your experience was like.

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