Out of beer

By Lucia October 8, 2012

This picture was taken 1.5 hours into our Notch Valley Malt launch on Thursday at the HUB. That’s the last glass of beer at Clover, and that’s a very surprised Chris calling to see if Burke, our distributor, can get us another keg.

This was really exciting for all of us to see (well, not the being out of beer part). But the beer is really, really good. Andrea from Valley Malt drove all the way in from Hadley. She is the only maltster east of Wisconsin, and she’s working to figure out a craft that has completely disappeared from Massachusetts. And she got to see a bunch of you drinking the result of her hard work growing and malting barley this summer.

We’re having another beer launch this Thursday 10/11. Pretty Things Jack D’Or, one of our favorite beers ever, with the brewers, Dann and Martha. Come by Clover HSQ (7 Holyoke) at 8pm. We promise we will not run out of beer this time.



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