Fennel Sandwich v.3

By rolando October 12, 2012

Ok. We’ve heard tons of feedback on this sandwich and have made some recipe adjustments.

We adjusted method of making the fennel spread so it would be smoother (less fibrous).

We needed to change the feta component, because it was difficult to apply, in a fast pace lunch rush (because of how sticky it is). So I developed a feta

sauce, by blending it with milk, olive oil, fennel broth and fennel fronds (the herb part).

We needed to add some texture to the sandwich and decided to pull the hazelnuts out of the fennel spread (where it was indistinguishable anyway), and add choppted toasted hazelnuts to finish the sandwich.

Fennel Sandwich v.3, starting today. At all locations (except HSQ & MIT). If you get it, let us know what you think.

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