Coffee and donuts event at the trucks Friday

By Lucia October 15, 2012

You might have noticed Barismo coffee on the counter the past week. This is the first time we’ve featured a single roaster in both the $2 and the $3 slots.

Barismo isn’t new to us. Jaime got started right around the time we did, roasting coffee out in Arlington, MA. We served their coffee a bit early on, but stopped because their prices were too high to support our $2 price. But they’ve worked on a bunch of new coffees since then, including two Central American coffees that we really love. And we’re really excited to share their coffee with you all.

This Friday 10/19, Barismo folks will be by the MIT and DWY trucks. Come by to meet the people responsible for the coffee you’ve been drinking, and taste our first batch of cider donuts of the year. The picture is from one of our first coffee and donuts events with Barrington back in 2010. Last time we did this we ran out of donuts early, so we’re instituting a 2-donut limit per customer : )

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