Barismo coffee cupping

By Lucia October 26, 2012

Thanks all who came out for the cupping tonight. Silas from Barismo came by and brought 2 Kenyan coffees and 2 Guatemalan coffees. Sorry if it got a little crazy at the restaurant right around 6pm, I had talked up the donuts and had a little line right as we were starting the cupping.

This was my first time participating in a cupping. It was really cool to see. You grind up beans, smell them, pour hot water over them, then do a series of things that help you taste and smell the coffee. The best part of this is that you get to slurp. Everyone stuck around after the event and talked.

We had the option of spitting out the coffee or drinking it. It’s midnight and I’m up writing this, so you can guess which option I chose. We’re continuing these events with tastings at trucks and a Coffee 101 class tomorrow night.

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