Happy 4th birthday Clover

By Lucia October 28, 2012

Tomorrow is our birthday. The MIT truck is 4. Harvard Square is turning 2. The HUB is one year old tomorrow. Can you believe it? The picture is from Clover’s first day, October 29, 2008. I wonder who the customer is in the picture, any of you recognize yourself?

Here’s the deal. In honor of our birthday, we are going to be giving away FREE treats to all customers at all locations after 3pm. What is the treat? We’re not telling, where would the fun be in that?

Keep an eye on this site, and on the Twitter feed for your Clover location, we’ll post updates. If it gets rainy and windy tomorrow, we’re planning to keep the trucks open and serve out of the storm windows. But we’ll close early if anything gets unsafe. Thanks everybody for joining us in this adventure over the past 4 years.

[EDIT: The following locations will be CLOSED tomorrow: DWY truck, PRK truck, BU truck. As of tonight, the following locations will be open tomorrow: MIT truck, LMA truck, HSQ restaurant, HUB restaurant]. Check Twitter for your location, manager will post with open/close times.


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