Happy Halloween and happy birthday to me

By Lucia October 31, 2012

Those of you who’ve eaten with us since the beginning know about birthday cupcakes. We give them away free to customers when anyone on the crew has a birthday. But we don’t announce them ahead of time. If you come by for breakfast you can see us making the batter, or if you follow us on Twitter (@cloverfoodtruck for MIT), we’ll post a hint a few minutes before they’re out of the oven.

Today if you came by the MIT truck for lunch you got cupcakes in honor of my birthday. Ayr made chocolate cupcakes with pumpkin frosting. This was the exact cupcake he made me my first birthday at Clover back in 2009 when I had only been working a few months.

It also happened to be Halloween, so we covered the truck in spiderwebs and dressed up. Eerie Clover pictures after the break…

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