Apple fritters return

By Lucia November 1, 2012

Alright, alright. We owe you guys some answers. Why did 3pm specials disappear? And why are they back now?

We want to make food you’re going to love so much that you’re going to tell your friends about it. We looked at 3pm specials, and they weren’t being made correctly across the board.

Ayr said, just take them off the menu. We’d rather not take money for something we feel we can’t execute really well. This felt like a huge disappointment to me. But we went for 6-7 weeks without any 3pm specials. We stepped back, did some re-training, and focused on nailing the basics. Now we’re ready for the return of 3pms. Tuesday we gave out free apple fritters free to all customers in honor of everyone being back from the Hurricane. Now we’ll have apple fritters, $3, from 3pm on, for the next few weeks. Come on by.

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