Barismo coffee flying off the shelves

By Lucia November 3, 2012

We set up a little retail wall all about home-brewing coffee. Grinder, Melitta, filter boxes, Aeropress, plus the El Bosque and La Loma coffee we’ve been pouring from Barismo. The first two days we had it up we sold almost half the coffee on the wall. We had to call Tim with an emergency order.

Ayr’s been talking to me about retail and how Clover’s retail might look in the future. I have absolutely no experience with this stuff, and my first few attempts were horrible (you may have seen a very sad T-shirt wall a few weeks ago). I’m learning a little. First thing. People respond better to lots of stuff as opposed to one thing. (Many bags, instead of 1 bag, etc). So we’re learning to keep the wall stocked.

If you want to sample either of these coffees, or want a demo on how to make them at home, stop on by.


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