Turnip Sandwich is back

By rolando November 7, 2012

We are doing a small batch roll out today, at all Clover locations, of the Turnip sandwich. Here is last years post on the Turnip.

This is our third Fall running this sandwich.  We’ve usually tried to alleviate logistical pressure on roll outs, by staggering them to our locations. We’re working on systemizing the rollouts and making the transitions smoother at Clover trucks and restaurants. Recently, Megan has helped a lot, by drawing sandwich guides with construction details and a sketch of the sandwich. This took a little time, so we would set up the sandwich prep well in advance to prep the cards, so we are trying something new today. We simply made the sandwich guides by laying out the ingredient details, then took a photo, printed, then laminated.

Turnip hits the ground running at all Clover locations today.

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