Matt’s coffee: La Hondurita, El Salvador

By rolando November 13, 2012

Brewing now, in the $2 slot, is La Hondurita, roasted by Matt’s wood-fired coffee up in Maine.

La Hondurita is a farm that Matt has a close relationship with. The farmers, Fito and his wife Mariya do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, though they are too small an operation to be certified as “organic.”

For this coffee, they used a honey process, which means┬áthe coffee fruit is removed from the bean with a depulper after picking ripe, but the residual mucilage is not washed from the bean’s surface. The sticky beans (they have a “honey”-like smell) are then placed on raised African-style beds to dry.┬áThe result is a coffee that exhibits (typically fruity but not in this coffee) heavy but round body, balanced acidity and sweetness. I get chocolatey and nutty tones with a nice caramel sweetness. A great coffee for the onset of cool weather.

The picture below is of Matt with Frito and Mariya with their children, last Spring.

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