Rethinking takeout

By Lucia November 17, 2012

We know our “to go” options need some work. Is this a barrier to any of you eating with us? I don’t know. But I suspect we have a bunch of South Station customers who stop coming by once the weather gets cold because our takeout isn’t the best. And there are a few of you who have started asking for stuff “extra wrapped to-go.”

I think our food will always taste the best right as we hand it to you, but we’d be fooling ourselves if we thought all our customers will experience it this way all the time. And we want to make Clover’s takeout cheap, convenient, simple, and maybe even fun.

So we’re planning a re-work going into this Winter. This means now is your chance to chime in. Have you gotten anything “to-go” from us? What has your experience been like?

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