Who are we going to meet next year?

By Lucia November 23, 2012

I suspect that most customers don’t know what we’re up to on a broader level, how much we’ve accomplished over the past year and all we want to do in the coming one. So, we want to open more trucks and restaurants. And the only way we’re going to do it is with more people like those in this picture.

In case you’re wondering what’s going on in the picture, this is from the trivia game at our All-Company Meeting on Sunday. Enzo’s trying to cheat, Bethy is trying to tell me it’s not cheating. Adam and Raj are trying to stay out of it. All these folks work really hard during the day getting you food that they hope you love. What about you? Can you see yourself in this room at the next Clover All-Company Meeting?

We’re embarking on a hiring blitz for:

Could you be the next Lou, Eddie, Craig, Sandy, Brett, Julian, or Sara? You would be running your own small business. Salary, benefits, etc. Apply here.

Could you be the next Brian, Adam, Tracy, Ashton, Oswin, Domingo, Jay, Rachel, Antoria? You would get management experience while getting to know customers really well and tasting a ton of food. $11-14/hr. Apply here.

Do you want to run our CSA program next year, connecting hundreds of customers to the best farms in New England? We’re creating 2 internship roles. Comment on this thread and I’ll reach out offline.

Finally a plug for me, Lucia. Do you think it might be fun to work with me on Clover’s communications? I have space for one really special intern in what will one day become Clover’s communications department. Comment directly on this thread and I’ll get in touch offline.

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